Passion’s Lost
This is an instrumental piece written and produced by Tom DeStefano. Please and give a listen and hopefully share.


Monster’s Theme
My songwriting partner Jim Lawter and I are working on a project based on Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein.” Although many other versions have been offered to the public over the years, our intention is to present the original story for the first time ever. This piece is from the Creation scene. Hope you enjoy.


This is a “movie type” instrumental piece called “Eternity,” scored for piano and strings.


This is an instrumental piece that called “Farewell.” It is scored for piano and strings.


Missing You
This is an instrumental written for a friend who died in a motorcycle accident. It seems fitting to share some music dealing with loss on 9/11.


Prelude to ZO
Another “movie trailer” type piece. Naming these seems to be the hardest part. This one is called “Prelude to ZO”. ZO is just OZ in reverse.


This is an instrumental “movie music” type piece. I would love to see it as a trailer for a film someday. The painting was done by my stepson Tommy when he was in first grade.